Adventure Awaits...

The wait is over!  Pre-order the revolutionary Mage Simulator and get instant access to The Pre-Alpha!

We've crafted a series of exclusive pre-order packages for a variety of support and involvement in the game.  

Instant Alpha Access

As a special perk for pre-ordering, and to allow exclusive fan involvement, you will immediately receive a Steam Key to activate the Archmage Rises Alpha (Win, Mac).  This key will be revoked near the game's release.  At the time of the game's release you will receive an email with a second key for the full release version of the game - in all it's glory.

We want to be very clear: you are not paying for an alpha key, it is a free bonus.  
This is not Steam Early Access, this is an exclusive limited closed alpha.

We plan to do updates to the alpha between now and release.

Current Pre-Alpha Build: Version 11 - Nov 16, 2018 (Win/Mac)

Learn More about the current build.

Special Pre-Order Packages Available Until 1 Month Before Release

A big thank you goes out to Humble Store Widgets for making it easy for indies like us to take pre-orders!  

#1 Archmage Rises: Base Game - $29.99

Get instant access to the Archmage Rises Pre-Alpha (PC, Mac) and a pre-order of the full finished game (PC, Mac).  You can participate through Steam’s community features to chart the course of the game. 

#2 Archmage Rises: Collectors Edition - $39.99

As well as #1 Base Game, get a PDF of our stunning, professional art book Archmage Rises: The Artist’s JourneyThis exclusive book chronicles the game’s development with never before seen art, interviews, and excerpts.  But that’s not all!  Also get a download of the Original Sound Track containing 1 hour of music from the game PLUS 20 fantasy theme looping tracks to play during your own pen & paper games.

Neither of these are finished yet, but Rogier (art) and James (sound) will ensure you get it at time of release.

#3 Indie Game Dev Collector’s Edition - $49.99

Everything in the #2 Collector’s Edition, PLUS these amazing Game Dev Assets to jump start your own creations:
Art Pack: 25 expertly painted battle and scene backdrops (JPG), 100 character portraits (PNG), and 20 monster sprites (PNG).
Sound Pack: 20 fantasy thematic looping tracks (OGG), 100+ professionally designed common RPG sound effects (WAV).

All assets are licensed to you and royalty free to use in your games!  Compatible with many game engines including Unity, RPG Maker, GameMaker, and Unreal.

Game Dev Assets will be available at time of game release.

#4 Design an NPC - $75

Immortalize yourself, or your RPG character, by naming an NPC and supplying their info for personality, wealth, skills, and bio. Your NPC will be in the final version of Archmage Rises and everyone will know that *YOU* helped make the game a reality.

You get the #3 Indie Game Dev Collector’s Edition too.

#5 Limited Edition Gold Box & Book - $125 + shipping

You get a special limited edition gold box version of the game with a stunning printed hardcover version of the Art Book, DRM-free DVD with #3 Indie Game Dev Collector’s Edition, and gorgeous printed manual.  The way Origin & Microprose manuals used to be, including behind the scenes commentary, artwork, and background lore.

We'll be shipping this close to the launch of AR (which could be a while) so you'll get to enjoy the alpha access in the meantime and digital download version on day of release.

You will be contacted close to release for shipping information and a shipping cost determined at that time.  Sorry we cannot cover shipping, Earth is pretty big!

#5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt - $145 + shipping

Everything included in #5 Limited Edition Gold Box PLUS the exclusive Lightning Bolt Everything! GenCon T-Shirt, included in the box!  Shirt sizes are Men’s M-XXXL, made by American Apparel.

#6 Unique Artificer - $250 + shipping

The world of Vaelun is filled with weapons, staffs, armor, trinkets, and equipment.  The most powerful of these are named uniques.  You will work with our team to custom design one unique named item to be found in the game world.  You name it, decide its stats (from a selection of options), and write its unique backstory and flavor text.  Be heralded as the player’s best friend by designing a permanent piece of loot!

This pack also includes #5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt with an additional cost to cover shipping.

Note: Given the procedural nature of Archmage Rises we cannot guarantee particular items appear in any specific game.  Unique items are extremely powerful, only a limited number appear per game world.  

#7 Historical Figure - $350 + shipping

The world of Vaelun has seen many powerful mages and scholars over the ages.  You can be one of them.  Spellbooks, equipment, and artifacts (loot) players find are crafted by a historical figure and are imbued with properties of the creator.  We’ll work with you to name and design your historical figure within the five spell schools.  Players around the world will rejoice at the sight of your name on an item!

This pack also includes #5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt with an additional cost to cover shipping.

Note: Given the procedural nature of Archmage Rises we cannot guarantee any particular character appears.  Player designed characters all have an equal chance of appearing. 

#8 Major Character - $500 + shipping

Bring your character from your world to ours!  First, our artist will custom design your character (full body) and portrait.  Next, you choose a special role for them to play in the world: Noble, Bounty Hunter, Bard, Teacher, or Adventurer.  We’ll work together on the dialog lines they speak, bio, skills, and AI motivations.  Once complete your character will be an autonomous AI agent available to everyone’s game! 

As an added bonus, get a high resolution (poster size) digital image of your character to print and use in your pen & paper game!

Character Roles:

  • Noble – rules a town or faction, goes to war with other factions, and hands out quests

  • Bounty Hunter – follows contracts on characters (including the player) and captures or kills them for a reward

  • Bard – the celebrity entertainers of Vaelun. Travels the roads performing nightly in the inns. Perform songs, poetry, and stories

  • Teacher – one of the possible mages the player’s parents hire to teach the player. Each teacher provides the player with a different starting build (skill kit)

  • Adventurer – travel the world solving quests and looting dungeons as rivals to the player

This pack also includes #5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt with an additional cost to cover shipping.

Note: Given the procedural nature of Archmage Rises we cannot guarantee any particular character’s appearance or location in any particular game.  Player designed characters all have an equal chance of appearing. 

#9 Rival Archmage - $1,000 (Limit of 5)

Then there are the few who become so powerful they attain the title of Archmage.  One or more of these appear in a game to thwart the player’s progress: siding with nobles against the player, attacking their mage tower, harassing their family, finding ancient artifacts before the player, and more.  You will work with our designers and artist to create a challenge worthy of even the most powerful player

You also get #5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt and we’ll cover the shipping.

#10 The Ultimate Live Experience - $5,000 (Limit of 2)

Thomas Henshell, lead designer of Archmage Rises, will visit* you and your game group to run a custom made 1-day adventure set in the world of Vaelun featuring Archmages using your favorite RPG system (D&D, Pathfinder, Numenera, etc.)

You also get #5b Limited Edition Gold Box & Book + T-Shirt for each member of your game group (up to 6) which we’ll bring with us and hand you in person.

Additionally you get #6 Unique Artificer, #7 Historical Figure, #8 Major Character, and #9 Rival Archmage.  Next to the dev team, you will have the single largest impact on the game.

* Site Visit location limited to US, Canada, UK, countries in the EU, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.  Basically anywhere my wife would like to visit.  And she likes to travel, so she hopes you pick this one.  I like to GM, so I hope you pick this one too.


Email us, we usually respond to emails within 24hrs.