If you don't like unfinished software, this isn't for you!

As a special perk for pre-ordering, and to allow exclusive fan involvement, you will immediately receive a temporary Steam Key to activate the Archmage Rises Pre-Alpha (Win, Mac).  This key will be revoked near the game's release.  At the time of the game's release you will receive an email with a second key for the full release version of the game - in all it's glory.

This is not Steam Early Access, this is an exclusive limited closed alpha.

Procedural vs Linear Games

Many RPGs are built by Designer(s) creating a series of content to be experienced in a particular way in a predetermined order.  There is little if any reason to replay because everything is the same.

To have a store character (NPC) appear in a town the designers create a character, name it, write some dialog lines, and select the items to be available for sale.  Done.  Move on, and create more content.

Procedural is harder to make than Designed. But oh so worth it!

Procedural game design begins by making Systems, then the Systems generate the content.  This way neither the Designer(s) nor the player know what the content will be.  

Archmage Rises is a Systems based procedural game.  And for this reason, it takes a heck of a lot more work to create a similar looking amount of content.

To have a store NPC in Archmage Rises:

  1. The economic world simulator first has to have enough unmet need to produce a store in the town in the first place.

  2. Then a series of randomly generated people have to be created and placed in a pool of citizens of the town. Each with a unique name, background, family, personality, and face, hair, and clothes.

  3. Then one of those citizens has to become the proprietor of the store. Their skill level determines how good or bad they are at the job. They will even get better at it over time!

  4. Lastly the stock of the store is determined by the trade routes, inventory and supply of AI traders, and other economic forces.

It took a year to make enough of the systems to have a single town have a single store with an NPC to talk to. Compare to linear design where this could be banged out in a few days or a week!  But in Archmage Rises, the world is always fresh in every game.  You never know who will be around the next corner to interact with.

CURRENT BUILD: Pre-Alpha VERSION 11 - Nov 16, 2018

For the latest news and to discuss the current alpha build head on over to the Steam Community page!

After rewriting virtually every system and redoing the whole UI since Build 10, this is now the definitive taste of what Archmage Rises will be when it is done.

Contains at least 2hrs of enjoyment, but contains oh so much more.  


  • Procedural World, Town, and NPC generation

  • NPC interaction: develop deep friendships, perform personal quests, learn skills, and more.

  • 3 kinds of quests

  • Dungeon exploration, traps, and challenges

  • 10 different enemies, some animated

  • 10 Spells

  • Weapons, prisoners, and multiple ways to power up

  • Mage tower - build your own home, build the rooms within it, expand it

  • Trading - explore more of the economic simulator by finding and cashing in on trade routes.

  • Weather with game impact effects. Day Night Cycle.

  • NPCs that shop, visit, trade, and move around the world


  • Designed and tested for 16:9 resolutions like 1920x1080 and 1280x720. Also tested on 16:10 resolutions like 1440x900. Higher resolutions may break.

  • Game is unbalanced. While we strive to make each build interesting to play, it's difficult when all the pieces aren't yet in place. For instance, you may find dungeons too hard, or trading provides too much gold. These will be addressed much later.

Next Major Build (Build 12) Combat & Spells