Our vision is to bring the essence of the pen & paper role playing experience to the modern computer role playing game. Where player freedom, choice, and natural consequence is the core of the game.

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Of low birth, sixteen, away from home, and now kicked out of school just prior to Confirmation.  Legally, you are not allowed to practice magic.  What will you do?

From this tumultuous beginning you are in control of how you make your way in the world of Vaelun.

  • Conform to society or rail against it?  
  • Forgive those who harmed you, or seek vengeance? 
  • Become a famous academic or fearsome battlemage?  

A good game is a series of interesting choices.
— Sid Meier, Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Pirates! (1989)




You are born and will die of natural causes after a certain number of years (determined by genetics). How you spend your time is the most important decision you will make.  

  • Story driven character creation branches into over 144 beginnings.
  • Permadeath brings gravitas to every decision.   Just as in real life, there are no redos.
  • Dozens of skills allow for broad character diversification.  No two play throughs will be the same.
  • Most every action affects your soul.  The more selfless you are, the more good options become available to you.  The more selfish you are, the more evil options become available.


The innovative turn-based combat is designed from the ground up to be flexible, strategic, and fast.  Combat is just one way of overcoming obstacles.

  • The battlefield is separated into three ranges (Far, Mid, Near).  Enemy weapons and abilities determine their optimal attack distance.  Use your retinue of spells to blast your foes, but also to control the battlefield.  It's like Chess with fireballs!
  • Decide how to best utilize your action points: quick light spells, or slow powerful ones.  (Like Bravely Default)
  • Choose how powerfully to cast a spell.  Like a boxer swinging, the more power you invest the higher chance of missing, and the more of an opening you allow to your opponent, but the more damage you do.  Like boxing, battle is not just a test of power but wits and stamina as well.
  • Craft your own weapons, equipment, and spells.  No class restrictions, specialize in your favorite spells.

Procedurally Generated World & Realistic Economy

Every game is totally unique.  This is your story set in your world.  Enjoy the randomly generated world of Vaelun to explore, serve, and dominate.  Vaelun is populated with bustling towns, noble castles, dark dungeons, mighty foes, and powerful treasures to unearth.

  • Geography determines towns, population sizes, available goods, and wealth of the nobles.
  • Realistic supply-demand economy simulates in the background.  Individual buildings are profitable, or not, depending on how NPCs run them.  AI traders move goods along the road network.
  • Monsters and bandits patrol geographic areas around their dens.  Find the source, and end the threat permanently.
  • One dramatic World Event per game dramatically changes the world and characters.  No two games are the same!

The interesting aspect of player choice isn’t the choice itself. The interesting thing - the only interesting thing, really - is the revelation of consequences. Choice without consequence is a waste of time, effort and money.
— Warren Spector, Deus Ex, Ultima Underworld, Epic Mickey (2015)

Influence, Fame, and Relationships

At the moment of world generation the GameMaster AI populates the world with unique characters (NPCs).  Each has a randomly generated job, motivations, personality, and relationships.  You can get involved in feuds, the politics of the nations, become a kingmaker, or deposer.  Or, ignore it all and simply let the simulated world play itself out.

  • Every interaction, from trading, to shopping, to swapping news in the inn, affects your relationships with NPCs.  Everything you do matters.
  • There are no "nobodys" in the world of Vaelun.  Become friends with NPCs, or even business partners.   Get romantically involved.  Bear children.  
  • Information never dies.  NPC's remember what you did to them, and to their friends and family.  Use information as a weapon to spread rumors (true or not), depose rulers by turning people against them.
  • Gain in fame and popularity by what you do and what you share with others.  You can stumble upon AI bards telling stories of your exploits.  Or take to the road yourself and put on performances from inn to inn.