An open world RPG pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a game.  By skipping the whole "run around in 3D" thing, we can instead focus on a deeply simulated world, emergent storylines, and player freedom.


Coming to Mac & PC

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Ever wanted to live as a mage in a medieval fantasy world?  To be Raistlin, Merlin, Gandalf, Pug, or Elminster?  So do we!

Introducing ARCHMAGE RISES.  The world's first Mage Simulator.

Coming for Windows PC, Macintosh OS X via Steam.

Pre-orders: Available Now.

Available: When it's ready.

A supply-demand economy is only one aspect of the deep simulated world.  Every game is unique.

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Strategic Combat You Can Feel

A new kind of turn based combat system let's you decide how powerful each spell is.

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