Archmage Rises Gameplay Reveal and AMA Mon Aug 3 6pm EST (2015)

A year ago I publicly announced Archmage Rises as a new kind of RPG.  I’m happy to report Archmage Rises is now playable.

Sort of.  

I was invited to be in demo showcase in Portland, OR last week.  In the two and a half weeks leading up to the conference I scrambled/crunched to take all the disparate systems and jam it into something playable.  In the wee hours the night before I flew out, I got it working!

The 50ish people watching the demo were spellbound.  

(The power went out in the middle of the demo, but they didn’t leave, so that is a good sign, right?!?)

This experience convinced me I have enough of the game working to show a demo to all of you.

On Mon Aug 3 at 6pm EST (23:00 GMT, 3pm PST) I’ll be giving a live* demo on Twitch:

Demo includes:

  1. Gameplay with explanation on the three pillars of the game:
    1. Economy
    2. Combat
    3. Influence/Relationships
  2. Reveal of what is coming next
  3. Ask me Anything.  I’ll be answering live questions from the community as part of the demo.

As an indie game developer, I don’t have a “boss” per se.  That’s because I’m working for fans like you!  I see this demo like giving an annual report to “the board”.  It is a detailed update on what I’ve done over the last year and where I plan to go next.

Can’t Attend? 

That’s ok, I understand my game demo isn’t as important as finishing your taxes, rearranging living room furniture, or going to the dentist.  The entire demo will be edited then posted to youtube for later enjoyment.  You can subscribe to the channel now to receive a notification when the demo is posted:

Thank you for your continued interest in Archmage Rises.  It isn’t easy making an RPG unlike anything else.  Your interest is a real encouragement!

*Given this is a live demo, I reserve the right to have technical difficulties and/or embarrass myself.