Video Update #5: Fresh Start

This week we record our update from Thomas’ new office in his new house, Nic talks map generation, and we respond to Slayemin’s questions from the steam forums.

Inventory Hotfix

Just testing now, release imminent.

Map: All roads lead… nowhere.

We’ve finetuned the road generation to now have limits based on town size (that generally means wealth level) and distance (eventually it just isn’t worth it to build a road).  This leads to maps that look more “provincial” and creates separate pockets of civilization, and some outlier towns.  This is a necessary step for the NPC information system and Noble agendas and wars.  All trade, news, and NPCs travel along roads so getting this right is real fundamental.

Release Date

We’re about half way through estimating all the remaining features (SCRUM Stories).  We’ll have a release date for you next update!

Fan Feedback

Slayemin has been posting a lot on the Steam forums and it’s all good.  We take time to address some of his biggest questions & concerns, and even throw down a challenge.