Update #43: Build 11's 25 New Features

Over the last 6ish months we've been adding a lot of new features to the game.  We told you about them weekly: the new UI, land and worker management, item equipment, apprentices, and much more.

Then we stopped adding new features and started bringing all this stuff together into something playable.  Except it turns out there were a lot of gaps in between the big features.  I'll call it "glue".  We needed glue to make the features stick together comprehensibly.

So while we were supposed to be testing, balancing, polishing, and adding content to what we already had, we just kept right on adding adding new "glue" features.  And most of these we haven't talked about.

So this week we reveal the list of 25 new features we've added in Aug/Sep:

  1.  Fishing
  2.  Cooking
  3.  Alcohol
  4.  Inn events
  5. Non lethal combat (bar fights)
  6. Grinder
  7. Mage tower Kitchen with 3 levels up upgrade
  8. Hex activities - foraging, hunting
  9. Make Camp - to sleep, cook rudimentary food
  10. Three kinds of inventory:  travel, tower, personal
  11. Rewrote and expanded the buff system. 
    1. It was originally just used in combat, but with food made with fishing adding a scholarship buff for weeks we needed to retool it for the larger game experience.  It's real good now!
  12. Revised Stat system. 
    1. We used to have spell schools, skills, and secondary skills.  Only some of those things could be buffed: equipment could effect spell schools but buffs could not.  We harmonized this into a single Stat system.  Whether it is a skill, spell school, or game stat like movement speed or blood alcohol level, it can be modified by equipment, spells, and buffs.  Get your drinking cap and ready your boots of escaping!
  13. Resources used to craft items from recipes.  Special items like Garlic or Scorpion Meat allow you to make special items, if you have the skill and equipment necessary.
  14. Resource icons on hex - if you find a place with a special resource it will now be permanently marked on the map
  15. Inventory by hex - requires a long explanation.  Quick version is a spot only has so many "fish" or "nuts" or "gold".  You can also drop items to the ground inventory and it'll be there.
  16. Items deteriorate over time - food not designed for travel goes bad in inventory, stuff left on the ground wastes away - Thanks RimWorld!
  17. News screen - governor of town changed? Girlfriend contracted the plague? Town attacked by goblins?  We realized it was hard to access this information in a simple concise way.  So now we have a pop-up of news of important things going on in the world.
  18. Recipe system - first designed for food (you require 2 foodstuff and an egg to make a Frita), it creates the groundwork for any in game crafting.
  19. Sharper text - we've been steadily replacing Unity's text system with Textmesh Pro providing crisper text throughout
  20. Hunger system and auto eating
  21. Ability to visit all homes in a town
  22. NPC's have favorite foods
  23. NPC's have skills along with their personality, this is necessary later
  24. New weapon type system.   So bows can only hit the back two rows, pole arms attack a column, axes swing several squares wide.  There are reasons to be decked out in multiple weapons and switch them up based on the tactical situation
  25. Dual wielding - because everyone wants dual wielding.