Update #54: Merry Christmas 2017

In this final update for 2017 we share our progress on build 11.  We were supposed to be feature complete today.  We came close:

  1. Real Quests - Missing Person working, Lair wipe needs more work and testing.
  2. Interesting Interactions with NPCs - not started
  3. Mage Tower, Cooking, Grinding - done.
  4. Equipment Weapons, Armor - just started, still outstanding
  5. World Simulation
    1. 2 Years - It's even slower now, so that's negative progress :-)
    2. Soldier Job for NPCs - not started
    3. NPCs Healing at Healer - done
  6. Save/Load a game - done
  7. Playtesting - Starts Jan 2

We put in some fan requested features along the way:

  1. Accept or Decline quest reward
  2. Separate volume sliders for music and sound effects

So about the hat:

I was actually wearing it for a reason because there is a story behind it.  But I totally forgot to mention it, so I'll have to tell you the significance in the new year.  Something to look forward to. :-)

Merry Christmas from all the team and Happy New Year.  2018 is going to be great!