Video Update #24: First Person Hex View

A living breathing world.  Our goal: to make a world of depth worth visiting and living a life in.  It's hard to think of the world as "living breathing" when the player simply looks at a bunch of static hexes on the map.  Enter the poorly named feature "Hex View". :-)

Every hex is brimming with adventure, secrets, resources, monsters... possibilities.  ,Hex view lets you see each hex within it's context and each one is totally unique.  There is are 20+ actions you can take within a given hex, but the first step was to get showing the hex working. 

So this is what we are showing you this week.  It's taking longer than expected on the art side, and getting the time-of-day stuff working correctly was finicky but we've made good progress this week.

More will be coming in two weeks since Rogier is off goofing around Croatia this week.

PS.  The hex view reminds me of the old SSI game Stronghold, one of my favorites from the 90's because of how it melded D&D and strategy gaming.  I'm not trying to make it like that game, but I can't help but be influenced by what i loved in Stronghold.

Never heard of it?  Check out this youtube Let's Play: