Update #59: Inside Build 11 Part 3

This week I got sick... for 3 days.  And though I did try to power through by working half-days, it was only with half a brain.  And since I don't have much to begin with, it was a real set back. :-) But that was OK because I was only trying to rewrite and fun-ify a core system that has been broken for a long time: NPC conversation.  In this video I show the new version of the system.  It's not perfect, but I think I'm on the right track now with the accumulation, leveling, and discovery of Interests.

If you are interested, here is the list of outstanding tasks for Build 11.  It used to be 35, now it's 27.

This week's progress:

  1. Before I redesigned the conversation system, I reviewed the systems in other key games (Sims, Dragon Age/Mass Effect, Guild 2, Fable) and published my analysis notes if you are interested.
  2. Removed the old Traits system and put in the Interests system.  Interests will be driven by personality in the future, right now they are random per person.
  3. Created 28 Interests to start with.  Many map to actual things you can do in the game on purpose, later I will put in connections so an interest in Fishing and doing actual fishing benefit each other.
  4. Added Interest component to the character creation screen that allows the player to select Interest "packages" or go totally random.  The packages presented are randomized.
  5. Created a new Conversation system which will be expanded for dating and other social outings with NPCs.  It allows for multiple choice encounters with many outcomes.
  6. Unified the description of spells: tooltip, castbox, magic screen
  7. Converted spell damagetype from list to single value, not sure why it was list but it's simpler to just have one type.  Also renamed it effectType as it is used for defense spells as well
  8. Cleaned up spells and casting: Removed about 8 fields from Spell that were never used and based on old ideas.  Updated Spell school power is calculated the way all other stats are now
  9. Updated all 11 spells: icons, put in the necessary metadata: description, correct effect calculation, flavor text, combat targetting pattern.  Air Pocket has limited use for now.
  10. Spells were displayed differently in the Magic screen, Casting box, and tooltip.  it was a mess.  Unified the display across all three for consistency
  11. Converted spells to new 6 AP system from 2 AP system.  2 AP just wasn't enough for real strategic choice.  While it is not much different now (1 AP spells are now 3) it is the right foundation going forward.  Combat and additional spells are coming in Build 12
  12. Featherfall has limited value (really, how much falling is the player going to do?) converted it to Float.  Can now be cast on enemies in combat (if power > target weight) and stops them from moving (unless they have the fly ability).  So it is now a buff spell that sorta acts like a Hold Person spell.