Update #72: Economy Simulation & Multilingual Support

Joining the update this week is fan hall of famer Timo Meijer from the Netherlands.

A while back I made a decision Archmage Rises would support multiple languages, but given the dynamic way text is constructed at runtime I'm not even sure it is possible.  I don't know another language to even be able to test theories.  Timo is a super fan, programmer, and speaks two languages so I asked him to investigate what might be able to be done.  He gives an update on what he thinks is possible.  So let us know how important multilingual support is to you!

Next I show progress on the economy simulator, the second of three major tasks to be done for build 11.  The concepts from Update #67: Economy Ver 2 and Update #68: Task Based AI  are almost complete and they are working exactly as described.

I can see, morale is good, momentum is strong, so in a momentary lapse of judgement I estimate when Build 11 will be ready!