Update #49: 4th and Inches

This week we get one step closer to being feature complete on Build 11's simulator: towns now spawn settlements and NPCs move to the new frontiers seeking fame and fortune.  Well, a job at least.

Some recent decisions to make the game world more "real" and "alive" included moving NPC turns from once a week to once an hour.  That's 168x more potential for the AI to make a decision to do something interesting!  Of course, this results in 100 citizens having a combined total of 800,000 turns over a year which unveiled a number of performance issues.  

Nic hunkered down and got a year of generating from 18 minutes to about 8 seconds.  This lowers a century of world generation from 30 hours to 13 minutes.  That is still a tad long, we're shooting for 5ish minutes to generate a new world, but progress has been significant.

We have only 1 task left to integrate into the game from the prototype: monsters.  We think this will take a week to do, but as usual, we don't know for sure.

This update's title comes from a Gridiron Football term where the offense needs to move the ball 10 yards within 4 downs.  If they make it, it resets and they get 4 more downs to make 10 more yards.  So basically it means "so close you can almost taste it".  Or, the name of an excellent Accolade Sports game from the 80's.

4th and inches.jpg