Update #51: Simulator Goofs and Bugs

The game is broken.  Can't show you anything.  But what we can talk about is all the weird and goofy things you can do in the worlds most advanced mage simulator.  

It's a good example of the difference between making a scripted game with specific and set functionality versus an open world with simple rules. 

Rather than code all kinds of logic for what an NPC does when a person is captured by goblins, we instead coded the ability for NPCs to "see" one another and remember who they had seen and where.

So should a goblin capture a person, a family member or friend will suddenly remember "hey, I haven't seen Joe in X days" and report him missing.  And they'll even be able to tell you when he was last seen and where.  The perfect starting point for heroic investigation.  But this is not all it does.

There are many MANY reasons why a person can go missing beyond goblin capture:

  1. Murdered by another NPC
  2. Ran off to another town to start a new life
  3. Captured by another NPC
  4. Some natural phenomena: Fell into a ravine, caught in a storm, etc.
  5. Went on a drunken bender
  6. Captured or killed by the Player

I love that the "quest hook" of "husband missing" could be caused by anyone one of the above.  You never know what you will get as you investigate the clues.  And the missions are real: if the husband broke a leg falling into a ravine, he will starve to death if not found.

This is the game we are making.  I hope this is the game you are expecting to receive. :-)

EDIT: 11am

It's Saturday morning and I'm working to try and get at least SOMETHING working.  Had another funny bug:
Mr. & Mrs Ruddle got married in Greenflower.
Mr. Ruddle made enough money as a trader to buy a house and they moved in.
Not all is well in the Ruddle household, she is still sleeping in the street while he sleeps in the new home.

EDIT2: 4pm

Days of work later:


So many things were broken:

  • people not being home (ever),
  • people with you not being present,
  • people not seeing each other or remembering when they last saw each other
  • people seeing the person and removing the problem before it had a chance to resolve with the player
  • knocking on the door not showing a greeting right away,
  • Home building menus not working

Ugh.  I got something working.  I am now starting my weekend.