Update #52: Road to Build 11

We're real close.  And we need your help.  We are bug fixing and testing.  There are a lot of bugs to work through.  So we had a meeting where we made a short list of the core features we will be publishing in Build 11.  What we want to know is if it lines up with your expectations:

build 11 objectives.jpg

Is this what you are expecting, or is there something we missed?  Here is the steam discussion:


Right now we have 10 days before Christmas then we take some time off.  The above is 12/14 days of work and as usual doesn't include things that could crop up.  So the target dates for the build are:

  • Feature Complete Dec 22
  • Testing Jan 2-5
  • Release Jan 5

The release may be what we said of putting it on a beta branch first for the most dedicated to test before it goes to everyone else.  We'll make that decision when we are done our internal testing.