Update #80: Small Progress

I said I would do updates every other week, so with nothing much to say or show here is the shortest one of all.

I wondered if I should even bother making an update video, but it came down to fulfilling a commitment. I said I’d do it every other week, so here it is.

My family is still a significant distraction: my wife went away for 5 days for school & work and I was on little kid duty. In the time I could get, working on the massive procedural quests was defeating me.

It’s sort of like last week when I signed up to the online cycling trainer/video game Zwift. The map was Innsbruck and I didn’t know which route to take so i just selected the shortest one: 13km. Well I didn’t realize it was all uphill. Living on a hilly island, I can do my fair share of hills, so I wasn’t daunted.

Yet after 60 mins of nothing but going uphill at about 8km/hr, and only half way to my 13k goal I gave up. It just wasn’t enjoyable. It was time to do some flat parts.

So that is what I did with the small time I had: easy small stuff. Fixed up some UI and tooltip issues that have to be done anyway.