Update #81: Build 11 is in Testing Right Now

Build 11 is real, it’s happening, and it is in preview testing with 8 players right now.

I’m on the west coast in Portland with Nic to get Build 11 done. And so far, it’s going well. I have 4 weeks to get the build out so I decided to cut that time in half:

First Half - Get it as playable and ready as I can, and send it out to a few select people (team members and fan small council members) for testing and feedback.

Second Half - Focus on what the play testers think should be done.

I’ve been working on this build for so long and am so close to it that I’ve lost all objectivity. So rather than working on what I think should be done, I’ll work on what the players actually say should be done.

So as I write this people other than me are playing Build 11. I’ll post another video update next week based on what they’ve said.