Build 11.3 Update

Well this is it! Build 11 is going live to everyone on Steam. I delayed until the last possible moment in 2018 to do it. I am now going away for Christmas and providing no support until I return Jan 5. Maybe one day i’ll become a good, reliable, professional developer. :-)

Super Secret Insiders-only 2018 VIP Feedback Survey

When I return in January the first update will be a “State of the Union” address with a road map of where this game is going. To do that, I would like to hear from you, anonymously, at this super secret insiders-only 2018 VIP Feedback Survey. The results of which I will share in the update. Thank you for your interest and support of this project!

11.3 Release Notes

  • Updated existing tutorials and added 50% more to cover new features and concepts. I'd like to know if there is anything else you think needs to be explained.

  • Added NPC detection of you dropping stuff in his home

  • Fixed delivery/insult quest descriptions to be more detailed on who you have to find

  • Fixed entering a town sometimes not working and having to pay double entrance fees

  • Fixed "I have to go" message from the last NPC you spoke with when standing at someone elses home

  • Fixed multiple quests from the same person for the same monster and quest icons piling up

  • Maybe i fixed the menu weirdness. There was some old menu code that was still being called and broadcasting messages. Took it out. Everything still seems to work. Either I fixed the menu weirdness or I made it worse, but it certainly isn't the same!

  • Monster camps can no longer spawn on lairs, solving lots of quest confusion

  • If a soldier fights and kills a monster she doesn't then go and make a quest for it (there was nothing for you to fight so impossible to turn in)

  • Fixed ability to complete quests that aren't finished or to the wrong person

  • Fixed quest icons, they now appear above black indicating where you should go

  • Fixed quest icons not disappearing once the quest was completed

  • Fixed but removed Invite to Activity, needs more testing as it affects the simulator a lot to have you ripping townsfolk out of their jobs and homes

  • Mostly fixed the missing person quest. If it spawns, you should be able to accept it and maybe even complete it. Missing person quests are the best example of the simulator at work because so many things have to happen to have it occur and to resolve it. That said, I haven't done sufficient testing on it so it may still be broken in some cases.

  • Added showing of inventory tab if there is something on the ground

  • Rewrote resources (trees, plants, fish) to have their own hidden inventories. This solved problems. Probably introduced some too.

  • Stopped harvesting resources from showing up in fishing list

  • Fixed fishing failure error

  • Moved NPC's seeing each other from daily to weekly

  • Fixed NPC's details not refreshing every time you do something with them

  • Fixed AI stuck on map: turns out they were hurt and never seeking medical attention, just lying in a pool of their own blood waiting for a good Samaritan

  • Fixed dead person haunting his home by still showing up and eating meals

  • Fixed spouses from seeing their dead loved one's ghost and then auto-completing the missing person quest

Oh, and the reported NPC text was from RobotMinion and read:

I don’t recall the time, afternoon maybe and I was on my way to my Market among the dunes. I went to relieve myself at something moving and spotted a skeleton! I was afraid they’d haul me back to their lair! ...