Build 11.2 Update

This has been another week of fixing bugs and minor improvements. Of the, so far, 24 reported issues, 3 remain.

11.2 Release Notes:

  • Added background autosaving when entering a town

  • Fixed teleportation after following goblins (cleaning up RunOnCompletion)

  • Fixed run away from chieftain counting as success

  • Fixed running from combat not using up AP

  • Greatly improved the "Tell me about your day" screen. It now zooms in and scrolls correctly to show everything that has happened to an NPC

  • Added game options, redid the game option menu

  • Fixed rope & flatbread icons

  • Changed NPC hunger to only show if they are hungry

  • Fixed missing images from book studying

  • Fixed certain book drops not working

Do you think this is a good release candidate for the broader group of pre-alpha players?