Build 11.1 Update

Lots of bug fixes to Build 11 made this week and now live on the BETA testing branch with password “password1234”. Need more explanation? Read this.

Major Issues:

  • Fixed myriad of problems with Mac version

  • Fixed problem in loading save games. When an NPC created Leather Armor it prevented reading of the save file

  • Fixed tower not saving. Technically it did save, it just would never allow you to visit it again.

  • Fixed infinite quest turn in - was crapping out trying to remove dungeon icon when there wasn't one, allowing you to turn in infinitely

  • Fixed a bug looking up memories in NPC brain leading to all kinds of problems like continual questions, borrow, etc.

  • Fixed magic missile only casting 1 missile, added back in Resetting of the casts

  • Added unified inventory handling from the tower. A person reported a bug they had stone in their Ox but couldn’t build walls. Now the game looks at all your inventories: Personal, animals, then tower (if you are close to the tower). It pulls from those inventory in that order and places items in that order

  • The Talk Menu was getting really long, so moved 5 commands to a Request submenu

  • Added a new Request: asking to stay for a meal of a friend

  • Added begging for food when you are starving (persuasion skill check required)

  • Capturing a monster now counts as killing it for quest completion

  • If a goblin cutter is the only monster in combat, it doesn't run away (this was preventing quest completion)

Minor Issues:

  • Fixed title screen dialog messages and buttons missing fonts (remember not to clean up fonts right before a release!)

  • Fixed bugs and floating point nonsense in borrowing money from NPC

  • Fixed everyone starting as miserable

  • Randomized ages of people upon creation (placeholder until simulator runs faster)

  • Made sure can't interrogate a prisoner that doesn't have a lair to go back to

  • Fixed tower room descriptions, removed xml tags

  • Defined only certain buildings have beds, so you can only ask to sleep over in places like a home not the marketplace

  • Removed enemy chatter from log - monster talking isn't work anyway so no point in filling up the game log

  • Removed debugging town .txt files from writing to your folder

Quality of Life Issues:

  • Added passing of hour with + and passing of day with 1 (I'm used to doing it this way)


How do you think the tower/town should work? Post your answer here.

Do you think Build 11.1 is ready for the public?

Please post any Bugs/issues in the Bugs Subforum.