Update #75: Crime & Punishment

Last week I was at CGDC and demoed Archmage Rises (twice) to enthusiastic crowds.  Today I show that demo of how the various systems can be used to create Crime & Punishment experiences.

But wait, that's not all!  In this special double feature episode starring Timo, I also show the latest work on the monsters: how they recruit and patrol their territory.

Then witness in amazement as the whole demo comes crashing down due to an infinite loop bug.  Thomas really should do a better job testing demos before doing them, but he won't. 

You get what you pay for on these youtube updates!

Here is the revised Build 11 Task List.

Progress since last update:

  1. Added combat option to all NPC interaction - you can now kill whomever you please but there are consequences

  2. Fixed issues involved in returning from combat to town

  3. Put in guard encounter at gate or when failing sneaking

  4. Added specific guards to watch town gate

  5. Put in guard bribing or imprisonment

  6. Fixed a major timing problem with cards.  The results code was being executed before the player actually saw the check result

  7. Fixed many map closing issues, just closing the map was causing the player to move around

  8. Restricted movement in walled towns

  9. Added dynamic showing of town walls in townview and town tooltip

  10. Put in sneaking OUT of town

  11. Added night bonus for climbing walls

  12. Fixed characters on map not to show unless they are actually outdoors. Once displayed they would never turn off, now they do when they enter a town or building

  13. Got monster patrols to recruit, then emerge from lairs, show on the map, and return

  14. Fixed pathing bug where it auto dropped the first location in travel path but i actually only want that to happen if they are the same hex as current location.

  15. Monster patrols pick random locations within range and then cause enter/leave events in the hexes