Update #76: Monster Patrols

This week we answer some fan questions, first one on my health by Will Sama and then one about race by Marc Schwartz.  Then we dive into the work I've done on monster patrols and how encounters work when they collide with the player.

As usual the tasks are taking longer than expected because there are so many systems to consider.  A seemingly simple thing like the player and monster entering the same hex has a number of factors to consider: Race of the monster, terrain, time of day, automatic player skill checks that happen in the background.  It all, hopefully, results in pen & paper style decisions that plays quickly.

Progress since last update:

  1. Fixed fonts issue on map, town names and travel times disappeared due to outdated text control
  2. Added smarter location loading using caching, so if the player goes to a new hex it doesn't match the cached one and is displayed.  This solved bugs and improves performance
  3. Greatly improved Encounters: graphics, fonts, alignment, added room for 6 player options
  4. Patrols impact NPCs correctly now
  5. Monster patrols now interrupt player movement.  This was difficult as the player movement is on a separate thread coroutine that has to be interrupted
  6. Fixed combat callbacks being executed before combat even began, that really messed things up turns out it never worked these last 4 years...
  7. Added patrol recruitment algorithm that slowly increases the size of each patrol and number of patrols evenly
  8. Added ability to run away from monsters encounters.  If successful free to move elsewhere.  If fail, monsters gain surprise against player
  9. Added ability to hide/sneak around monster encounters.  If successful free to move elsewhere or enter combat with enemies surprised.  If fail, monsters gain surprise against player