Update #77: Finding Monster Lairs

Thanks to some help from Syncarius and willsama974 on the steam forums, today Nic and I show the multiple ways a player can discover a monster lair: survival & deduction, stealth, combat & intimidation, and pure brute force searching.

Monsters live, reproduce, and launch out into the world to cause trouble from their lair.  Finding and clearing a lair is how you stop them.

Build 11 is getting real close!  I hope you can see how the systems are adding up to something worth playing!

Progress since last update:

  1. Monster Patrols were clearing all tasks when seeing the player to follow, but actually needed to interrupt their plans and then return to them when player leaves
  2. Fixed skillcheck where 1 wasn't causing auto-fail
  3. Added description of what character is doing upon attack
  4. NPCs continue what they are doing if they only SEE a goblin patrol and run away
  5. Fixed monster patrols not starting inside a lair
  6. can't have an encounter with mosters in a town hex
  7. Got dungeons to be findable again
  8. added patrols to locations inside the dungeon
  9. made dungeon light warning once per dungeon not every freakin room
  10. fixed light spell being half duration of that advertised in tooltip
  11. fixed eventlog right 33% being cut off by spell/inventory bar.  For some bizzare reason it  wasn't sized to the actual displayable screen area
  12. Fixed dungeon entrance errors
  13. fixed having attacks at entrance
  14. Got lair to track who is inside and who is out for planning attack cards
  15. added coordinates to dungeon map
  16. added completion of dungeon
  17. Fixed icon reappearing for destroyed lairs
  18. Separated dungeons from lairs.  Once a lair is destroyed, the dungeon remains a ruin on the map and can be revisited
  19. Fixed Inventory tabs not closing correctly
  20. Added dungeon locations being able to have items on the ground
  21. Added purse item in dungeon locations which contains coins that are converted to money as soon as picked up
  22. added loot rewards from killing chieftan
  23. added chieftan body as trophy
  24. added ruins icon showing on map
  25. Added tracks dropping for monsters, and searching them to find the lair
  26. Added capturing of prisoners immediatly prompts interrogation encounter
  27. Added interrogating of prisoners
  28. Combat: Added pressing spacebar to pass your turn
  29. changed weapon AP to 4 so it is hard to swing your weapon and cast