Update #78: Dynamically Generated Quests - How it Works

This week our update is a little different.  I peel back the layers and show some of Archmage Rises secret sauce for creating and utilizing a very detailed world to create quests.  I have been struggling with procedurally generated quests displaying in a compelling way to the player.  This week shows some of the challenges, why it is taking so long, and what the benefits are of the systems are.

Progress since last update:

  1. started removing (old way) "news" and replacing it with (new way) "memories" in various systems
  2. Problems now generate from memories not news
  3. Inn news list now based on memories
  4. Problems and interactions with it was previously all written just for the Mayor. Moved it all to the new Menu system and enabled problems to occur for ANY NPC. This is a necessary foundation for the future
  5. Worked on text generation of problems. Turned out I have to generate both a first person and third person description of the same event, and then cache those accounts so they are consistent across conversations
  6. updated from unity 5.6.3 to unity 5.6.6
  7. updated from Visual Studio 2015 to 2017