Update #93: Dungeons & Lore

This week is a little longer of an update as I cover 3 topics:

  1. Putting to practice some of the realizations from the break

  2. Progress on the 3d Dungeon Generator

  3. Progress on the Lore and fantasy in the world of Vaelun, the setting for Archmage Rises

Joining me this week is longtime follower and friend Neil from the big island of Hawaii. Nic couldn’t make it this week so I swapped in another N friend to the west of me. We’ll see if you notice. :-)

You can learn more about Neil’s game Echo Dawn Turning Tides.


I haven’t fully decided yet, but I might be hiring a programming/game dev grad in Ontario. It has to be someone living in and graduating from Ontario in order to get government funding.

So if you are a good programmer, who loves RPGs, and are graduating from your program in Apr/May contact me! It could be the best, or worst job, of your life! It definitely won’t be mediocre!