Update #94: Hiring Update

Last update I had the notion of hiring a grad to help out on the programming. I’ve talked with various government agencies and interviewed several candidates.

One of the habits in 7 Habits of Highly Effective people is to “Begin with the end in mind.” This has caused me to think through bigger questions, not just to look at the current temporary need but the larger picture: what am I doing? Where am I going with all this?

Hiring a grad is not easy. Most of my career I have hired people with experience, usually 5+ years in the field. Only one time have I hired someone straight outta school. It worked out, but I left the decision making process mostly to the senior programmers that would be working with the newbie. But in this case, I’m the one who has to teach and mentor and inspect their work.

The problem with a grad is they don’t know anything. Sorry to those who spent a fortune getting an education, but that’s the cold hard truth. :-) So when hiring a grad, it is not about the past, which is known and can be prodded, but about the future: the potential of the candidate. This has proven more difficult than it sounds. For me anyway.

I’m close to making a decision and will let you know as soon as one is made.

Until next time, be well!