Update #95: Meet Daniel!

Meet Daniel. The first full time local team member on Archmage Rises. Daniel is here to write code and chew bubblegum. And he’s allllll out of gum.

A few weeks ago I thought long and hard about life, the universe, and everything. And 42 wasn’t cutting it.

It was time to make the long play: to start building up the studio with a team capable of people finishing a game faster than 5 years with the purpose of making multiple (sequential) titles. It’s time to turn Pro. Pro Pro.

I need a party of intrepid adventurers eager to build the kinds of games worth making and with the skills to pull it off.

Enter Daniel the core engine programmer. Daniel is like the Tank, the first one you need if you have any hope of survival, and someone who enables the other more specialized classes to do their thing. Right now he is focused on learning Unity and C# so he can start finishing tasks on Archmage Rises. In a few years it is our hope he will be technical lead of our second or third title.

I’ll also add that had I not walked away for a month, I probably would not have the perspective necessary to make a move like this.