Update #63: Inside Build 11: Equipment


I finally finished that torturous menu rewrite mid Wed.  Hallelujah.  I then returned to knocking off tasks and improving the gameplay of Build 11.

I took on the Equipment task, something content oriented that is as far as one can get from systems rewrites.  Equipment is the equipable gear you can buy, find, receive, or craft.  For this build I put in items for Head, Body, and Feet slots.

People have different ideals for how a magic user dresses and behaves.  From the simple flowing robes of Gandalf to the full suit of solamnic plate of a spell casting Death Knight like Lord Soth.  Based on this Steam Forum Discussion I implemented Cloth, Leather, and Plate armor.  Each is designed around a different need/purpose. 

  • Cloth grants abilities that enhance research, relationships, spell casting, and specific spells.
  • Leather is about adventuring, doing, and working.  It will enhance your skills, provide resistances to ill effects, while providing adequate mobile protection.
  • Plate is about attack and defense.  It will greatly reduce any damage taken, enhance your weapon use, and boost damage against certain races.  But at the cost of making casting more difficult.

Players are able to mix and match as they please, and collecting 3 pieces that all stack their bonuses I think will be a worthy endeavor.

Finally I put in the code for Unique items.  This allows specially designed unique equipment to be created by NPCs or found in dungeons.  These pieces can be designed by me or the team, but also enables fans who have bought the Artificer level of the game to have their designed piece appear.

I finally finished 3 tasks on the outstanding tasks for Build 11.  It is down to 24!

Oh, and here is that hilarious Boots of Escaping video!

This week's progress:

  1. Created a new menu system.  Gutted the old 4 year old one, it didn't meet our needs.
  2. Damage reduction was % only and on character, moved to a stat for either % or armor
  3. updated eventcard background to make it more legible
  4. Created 9 types of armor: cloth, leather, plate X body, foot, head
  5. Created Economy.stat valuation of each stat in the game so pricing will be consistent.
  6. So something that gives spell school +1 has the same value no matter where it comes from
  7. Created a universal pricing algorithm for all equipment
  8. Created a universal way to display a stat.  Some need a % at the end, or a spell school at beginning, and code like that was spread all over.  Tooltips and Character sheet will now all match.
  9. Added icons for plate, leather, cloth armor
  10. Changed the equipment slot display font to fit 6 lines and be clearer at smaller sizes
  11. fixed bug where spell book didn't display spells outside of combat or dungeons
  12. Action Point and Cast Stamina buffs now work
  13. got spell enhancements to work.  Equipment (or anything else) can make a spell more powerful
  14. put in alcohol resistence, and grinding bonus
  15. added uniques
  16. added armorer building
  17. added armor to large treasure table